Happiness ... Is a book snuggled against your chest Under the warm blanket. It’s the light tapping of the rain Landing in jaunty rhythm on the roof. It’s his warm hand in yours Cramming a million sweet words In one gentle squeeze. It’s the smile of your sister The laughter of your mother. It’s the … Continue reading Happiness


What are those words, poet, Flying around your mind Like crows, peering over your thoughts? They seize your anguish And knead your sorrow. In their pointed beaks Your delights wriggle, out of breath. The raven exhales. Its sigh’s your essence Condensed in the rims Of its pitch black feathers. Its blood’s a bottle of ink … Continue reading Narrative

A Poet?

My bones, their poetry marrow Are packed with sorrow And yet they feel hollow. Everything’s shallow. Feelings account to zero. I would like to be a hero, Write, leave a trace for morrow. I am but a delusional crow. The world I know Only through my window Which is far too narrow. I thought my … Continue reading A Poet?


🍁 It’s harvest time Time to pluck the dreams That have ripened in my mind. 🍎 My mind’s an orchard Bearing ideas and ideals Bitter sweet fruits arisen From the fertile soil Of my childish fantasies cemetery. Oh these fantasies Whose slow decay Now nurtures wild reveries! Reveries unanchored, although born On the same same … Continue reading Harvest