My first attempt at a poem in English. I am used to writing in French only, but I  guess I was inspired enough by the subject to find my words for this one… My english verses still need some polishing, but I enjoy working on it, so I’ll try to craft more english poems in the future.

(By the way, my French poetry is still available at Les Poèmes de Kémy, but I will move them on my bookshelf at some point! )

So here it goes!


To A.


As in love as on first day
Or even more I may say
Cause now I know better
The gem I’m knotted with forever

How brillant is my treasure!
Brave beyond any measure,
Warmth he brings to my heart
Against gloom he is my rempart.

As we fly over our garden,
With glee in our eyes woven,
Athirst for each other, we settle
In the shade of our castle.

Joy and laugh brighten our path,
Bliss alone fills our birdbath,
Thus our thirst is quenched
As in love we’re drenched.


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